Why Consumers Abandon Online Travel Bookings Before Purchasing


by Ayaz Nanji
Some 94% of consumers say they have left a travel website before completing their booking, according to a recent report from SaleCycle.The report was based on data from a survey of 1,000 global consumers who were asked questions about why they exit travel websites before completing air, hotel, cruise, package, and car reservations.

The top reason for abandoning online travel carts is feeling the need to do more research before committing to a purchase (39% of respondents). The second most cited reason is price, with 37% of respondents saying they exit because the cost is too high/they want to compare more.

Other commonly cited reasons for abandoning online travel carts include the need to check with other travelers (21% of respondents); the booking process is too long/complicated (13%); technical issues/lost connections (9%); and payment issues/lack of options (7%).

More than half (53%) of the consumers surveyed say they typically abandon a travel booking at the point at which they are presented with the total price.

The data isn’t all bad news for online travel brands, since 87% of respondents say they are likely to return to a site and search for a booking again after abandoning it.