What Your Customers Really Think About Marketing Data and Consumer Privacy [Infographic]


by Verónica Maria Jarski:

A total of 62% of consumers are worried about personal information being used for marketing, according to a recent study by SDL. It surveyed more than 4,000 customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to find out what they think about marketing data and privacy.

The following infographic highlights some findings in the report.

One finding is that 74% of respondents expect consumer protection groups to monitor how brands use personal data. Also, “of those consumers who have a smartphone, 76% of global respondents aren’t comfortable with retailers tracking in-store movements through smartphone and WiFi,” states SDL.

Despite this concern, a whopping 72% of respondents rarely or never use “do not track” or “incognito” features.

Moreover, 65% of respondents rarely or never read a website’s privacy policy before making a purchase.

So, how do consumers feel about trusted brands or giving personal info for free products and services? And what’s social media’s role in data privacy? Find out in the following infographic: