What Managers Look for in Content Marketing Hires


090414-ddp-lgMost managers (94.5%) say writing and editing skills are one of the main qualities they look for in content marketing hires, according to a recent report from Kapost.

Other key qualities cited by hiring managers include the following: the ability to collaborate across departments/teams (64.6% say that’s important), previous marketing experience (56.9%), a solid understanding of sales and marketing structure (44.8%), SEO experience (38.1%), and video production skills (10.5%).

Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from a survey of 522 manager-level (or higher) marketers.

College Degrees/Majors

  • Considering the importance of writing and editing skills, it’s not surprising that many firms hiring for content marketing positions seek candidates with English and journalism degrees (37.5% of respondents say it is the main major they look for).
  • However, an equal number of respondents (37.5%) say they do not look for a particular degree but rather for some sort of content marketing experience.


83% of respondents say finding talent for content marketing roles is “somewhat difficult” or “difficult.”

Where Companies Find Candidates 

Most managers say they find candidates on LinkedIn (83.3%) or via referrals from colleagues (70.7%).