VIDEO: Proactive Crisis Management Begins Before the Crisis [#CZLBKK]


Sophie Loras

In this video interview, Starwood’s Yingrekha Langulasena shares her key points for crisis management on social media.

In a world where consumers are constantly connected to the Web and able to publish as much unwanted information about a brand as they like, companies must manage their online reputation long before a crisis occurs, said Yingrekha Langulasena, digital marketing associate director for Starwood Hotels, at ClickZ Live Bangkok last week.

Proactive crisis management gives brand marketers the ability to test, learn, and enhance an online reputation, noted Langulasena, adding that it is a much more effective strategy than reactive management.

“Invest in your fans. Learn who is influential in your space, who loves your brand, who helps protect the brand, and find ways to reward them, so that they love you even more and are there for you in times of crisis,” she said.

Speaking at a “Meet the Experts” roundtable, Langulasena talked about how to monitor conversations on social media and act quickly in a crisis by acknowledging the problem straight away because “people on social media like to be heard.”

In this video, she also shares tips for rewarding a brand’s fan base, explains how to humanize a brand to avoid templates, and gives pointers on stopping a reputational crisis from spreading across numerous social media platforms.