Introduction to Fixed Assets Concepts and Rules

  • Definition of Fixed Assets
  • Initial Measurement of Fixed Assets
  • Costs Incurred Subsequent to Purchase
  • Construction of Tangible Assets for Internal Use
  • Capitalization of Interest Costs
    • Conditions for Capitalization
    • Non Qualifying Assets
  • Pre Production Costs
  • Leasehold Improvement

Asset Retirement Obligation

  • Recognition and Allocation of Impairment
  • Measurement of Expected PV
  • Subsequent Periods Effects
  • Disclosure Requirements

Non-Monetary Transactions

  • General Rule and Exceptions to Recognize Non-Monetary Transactions
  • Treatment of Similar and Dissimilar Assets
  • Foreclosed Assets

Depreciation Management

  • Depreciation Concept and Component Concept
  • Depreciation Computation Methods
  • Depletion of Natural Resources

Fair Value Measurement

  • Recent Update on Fair Value
  • The Three Level Hierarchy for Fair Value Inputs and Assumptions
  • Fixed Assets at Fair Value under IFRS
  • Investment Property under IFRS

Impairment of Fixed Assets

  • Definition and Rules of Asset Impairment
  • Impairment Measurement and Accounting
  • Impairment Indicators and Computation According to IFRS
  • Rules to Estimating Future Cash Flows to Properly Measure Impairment
  • Treating Asset Idling or Disposal

Accounting for Intangible Assets

  • Initial Measurement and Recognition
  • Valuation Options under IFRS
  • Subsequent Expenditures on Intangibles


  • Decommissioning Costs and Subsequent Costs
  • Revaluation Adjustment
  • Required Disclosures