Digital Content Strategy and Marketing Writing

  • Insights: How to Make Your Content the Belle of the Marketing Ball
  • Audits: Are You Auditing Your Content Correctly?
  • Explanations: Battle-Tested Methods for Making Your Product Easier to Understand
  • Ideas: I’ve Fallen Into a Content Rut, and I Can’t Get Up
  • Publishing: Building Your Internal Publishing Department
  • Teamwork: Create and Maintain an Effective Content Team
  • Promotion: How to Get People to Notice and Share Your Content Online
  • Podcasting: How Audio Content Fits Into Your Content Strategy
  • Visual: Emerging Trends of Visual Content Marketing
  • Short-form: Create Short Form Brand Content That Works
  • Community: Using Content to Ignite Conversation



  • Communication in A Digital World: Changes for today’s writers
  • How To Be Identifiable and Consistent: Developing tone and voice
  • Being Relevant: Storytelling
  • How To Say It: Style, grammar, and usage lessons
  • Overcoming Inertia: Writing text that inspires readers to action
  • Mastering the Long Conversion: Writing for the long sales cycle
  • When In Rome: Contemporary business writing


  • Video: Planning and developing multimedia projects
  • Presentations: Creating the anti-presentation to wow audiences
  • Case Studies: Writing stories that sell
  • Public Relations: Writing newsworthy press kits and press releases
  • E-Books: Developing reference resources that keep on giving


  • Blog: How to turn your business blog into a destination for readers
  • Social Media: Social content writing
  • Website: Best practices for writing integrated web copy
  • Email: Email copywriting secrets and best practices