Top 20 Halloween Costumes by Paid Search Spend


by Ayaz Nanji

Nearly one-third (31%) of all paid search spend by marketers on Halloween costumes went to Disney-owned character keywords, according to a recent report from AdGooroo.

The report was based on spend data from 1,128 Halloween costume keywords for Text Ads and Product Listing Ads on Google in the United States from August to September 2014.

Of the total $2.9 million spend examined, $720,000 went to keywords for costumes that fall under the traditional Disney brand (e.g., Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse), and $168,000 went to keywords related to the Disney-owned brands of Marvel (e.g., Spider-Man, Captain America) and Star Wars (e.g., Yoda, Darth Vader).

Costumes related to Disney’s film “Frozen” were particularly popular, accounting for 19% of all spend of Halloween costume keywords.

Least Popular Costumes

Costumes with the lowest paid keyword spend by marketers this year include 1990s British TV character Mr. Blobby, John Adams, Spider-Man villain Dr. Octopus, and Xena, Warrior Princess.