The Top Four Reasons Consumers Abandon Online Shopping Carts


by Ayaz Nanji

More than one-third of consumers (37%) say they most often abandon an online shopping cart because they decide at the last minute that the purchase is too expensive,according to a recent report from

The second most common reason for not completing an online purchase is finding a better price on another website (cited by 24% of respondents).

Some 12% of consumers surveyed say they most often abandon an online shopping cart because they cannot find a coupon code; 7% say they often abandon carts because they are confused by the checkout process.

Just 20% say they almost always purchase the items they put in their online shopping carts.

Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from a survey of United States adults who shop online.

What Convinces Consumers to Buy

  • 53% of respondents say they are influenced by positive product reviews when undecided about an online purchase.
  • 51% are influenced by a good deal or sale.
  • 31% are influenced to purchase by the quality of the website they are shopping on.

Why Consumers Shop Online

  • 41% of consumers surveyed say they primarily shop online because it is more convenient.
  • 21% say that it’s easier to find a low price.
  • 14% because there is larger selection online than in stores.