Most Marketing and Advertising Executives Work Some Weekends


by Ayaz Nanji:

Most marketing and advertising executives (62%) bring work home at least one weekend a month, according to a recent report from The Creative Group.

Some 23% bring work home one weekend a month, on average; 18%, two weekends, on average; 9%, three weekends; and 12%, every weekend, the survey of 400 executives from the United States (200 from companies, 200 from agencies) found.

Only 37% of marketing and advertising executives say they never bring work home on the weekends.

The Creative Group also asked respondents how many hours they usually work for their companies per week. The average was 47 hours. Some 18% say they work 60 hours or more per week; 23%, between 50-59 hours; and 48%, between 40-49 hours.

Just 6% of marketing and advertising executives say they work less than 40 hours a week.

About the research: The report was based on data from 400 telephone interviews: 200 with US marketing executives randomly selected from companies with 100 or more employees, and 200 with US advertising executives randomly selected from agencies with 20 or more employees.