Instagram Benchmark Data From 100 Top Brands


by Ayaz Nanji

Some 86% of brands on the Interbrand 100 list have an account on Instagram as of 3Q14, up from 54% in 3Q12, according to a recent report from Simply Measured.

Moreover, the number of active brands—those that posted at least once in 3Q14—almost doubled since 3Q12, with 73% of brands posting at least one photo or video per week to Instagram in 3Q14.

Monthly engagement (likes and comments) also grew rapidly in the past 12 months—up almost 12x since 3Q12.

Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on 3Q14 data from the Instagram accounts of the Interbrand 100.


  • Posts by the brands examined garnered 216 comments on average in 3Q14.
  • The majority of Instagram comments on brand posts happen quickly (75% within the first 48 hours, on average), though for high-performing posts comment volume peaks later and the posts have a much longer shelf-life.


  • The average caption in 3Q14 was 138 characters long, including hashtags.
  • Posts that included another user handle in the caption had 56% more engagement.
  • There is no statistically significant correlation between caption length and engagement, the analysis found.


  • 88% of brand posts in 3Q14 included at least one hashtag.
  • 91% of posts included seven or fewer hashtags.
  • Posts with at least one hashtag averaged 12.6% more engagement.