How Well Do B2B Marketers Understand Their Customers?


by Ayaz Nanji

Some 80% of B2B marketers say they can gauge which customers are their most valuable, according to a recent report from Regalix.

Moreover, 64% say they understand customers’ past purchase behaviors.

However, less than half of B2B marketers surveyed have a strong knowledge of their customers’ demographic makeup (just 48% say they have an excellent understanding), product/service preferences (44%), wants/needs/likes/interests (40%), journey to purchase (36%), and channel preferences (24%).


Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from a survey of 284 B2B marketers (72% located in North America; 28% in the rest of the world).

Brand Attributes and Target Audience

  • 51% of respondents say their company has a clearly defined set of target customer segments.
  • Only 21% of respondents say employees have a clear and consistent image of the company’s target audience.
  • 28% say employees possess a complete understanding of the company‚Äôs brand attributes.

Digital Interaction Channels

  • 100% of respondents say their company interacts with its customers via its website.
  • 88% interact with customers via email.
  • 80% interact via social media.