How Marketers Grow Their Email Lists


by Ayaz Nanji

Requiring registration either to gain access to restricted areas within a website or to download premium content is the most effective tactic marketers say they use to grow their email lists, according to a recent report from Ascend2.

The report was based on data from a global survey of 251 marketing, sales, and business professionals from various-sized companies, 71% of them B2B-focused, and 29% B2C.

Some 43% of survey respondents say requiring registration to access parts of their website is one of the most effective tactics they use to get email addresses, and 42% say requiring an email address to download certain content is one of the most effective tactics.

Other tactics commonly used by marketers to grow their email lists include promoting upcoming events (30% rate as one of the most effective tactics they use), social media (29%), the purchase process (22%), paid search campaigns (20%), email forward-to-a-friend (14%), and call center/in-store email capture (11%).

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Most Difficult Tactics

  • 40% of respondents say social media sharing is one of the most difficult tactics used for email list growth.
  • 39% say paid search is one of the most difficult tactics.

Form Fields

Some 61% of respondents say they require only 2-4 fields of information on their email registration forms.

Email List Size

  • 61% of respondents say their email lists are growing slowly.
  • 25% say the attrition rate of email subscribers is greater than or equal to the rate of acquiring new subscribers.