How Loyal Are Consumers to Apple’s Platform?


by Ayaz Nanji
Users of Apple computers tend to be loyal to the company’s other products as well, according to a recent report from Verto Analytics.

Apple Mac computer owners in the United States are far more likely to own an iPhone than are Windows users (61% vs. 24%), the analysis found. Moreover, 50% of Mac users have an iPad, compared with 19% of Windows users.

Windows PC users are more likely to have an Android phone (35% own one) versus an iPhone (24%), though they are still more likely to own an iPad than an Android tablet (17% vs. 14%).

Mac users are more likely than Windows PC users to have a smartphone or any brand of tablet in general: 79% of US Mac users have a smartphone and 58% have a tablet, compared with 62% and 39%, respectively, for Windows PC users.

Apple iPhone users in the United States also tend to be more loyal to the iOS universe: 44% of iPhone users own an iPad, but only 7% have an Android tablet, compared with 13% of Android smartphone users who own an iPad and 24% who own an Android tablet.

Some 28% of iPhone owners own a Mac, and 76% a Windows PC. In comparison, only 6% of Android smartphone owners own a Mac, and 94% own a Windows PC.

About the research: The report was based on Verto Device Watch data from US adults age 18 and older.