How Consumers Feel About Sharing Data With Businesses


by Ayaz Nanji

More than two-thirds (69%) of global consumers say recent events in the news have increased their concerns about sharing personal data with businesses, according to a recent report from SAS.

Moreover, nearly three-quarters (73%) of consumers say using personal information without permission violates their privacy—with 52% saying they feel strongly about this issue.

Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from an online survey of 2,949 adult consumers in seven countries: The United States (36% of respondents), the United Kingdom (11%), Canada (11%), Portugal (11%), Australia (11%), New Zealand (10%) and Spain (9%).

Willingness to Share

Consumers’ willingness to share personal data varies widely by industry. For example, 73% of respondents say they are likely to share personal information with banks/credit unions, but only 33% say they are likely to share the same information with entertainment providers.

Data Types

  • 94% of respondents are willing to share their name and email address with businesses.
  • To get more personalized and relevant offers, about three-quarters of customers are willing to provide their birthday month and year.
  • Not surprisingly, consumers are least willing to share credit card/financial data.

Factors Influencing Sharing

  • Trust in data security is by far the biggest factor influencing consumers’ willingness to share personal information (63% cite as an important factor).
  • 49% of respondents say they are willing to share information if they get something in return.