How Businesses Discover and Purchase Marketing Technologies


by Ayaz Nanji
How do marketers discover, research, and evaluate marketing technologies?

To find out, in June 2015 Walker Sands Communications surveyed 313 marketers based in the United States. Respondents work for a range of company sizes (29% at businesses with fewer than 50 employees; 17% at enterprises with 5000+ employees) and hold titles at all levels (31% coordinator/specialist, 28% manager, 21% vice-president, 5% CMO, 16% other).

Below, key findings from the report.


Some 30% of respondents say they learn about marketing technology from peers; 20% discover new technologies via media outlets/blogs.

Forbes is the most popular media outlet for learning about marketing technologies and industry news (44% of respondents read); Wired is next (37% read), followed by the Wall Street Journal (35%).


Most respondents (91%) say they begin researching marketing tech vendors on their desktop or laptop computer; 6% begin on a smartphone, and 3% on a tablet.

Peer recommendations are the most influential sources of information about marketing technology solutions (63% of respondents rate them as very influential), followed by online reviews (44%) and analyst reports (33%).

Product demos are the most influential content type (52% of respondents say they have an impact), followed by case studies (47%) and online reviews (43%).

Purchase Decision

Some 59% of respondents say they prefer to engage with a marketing tech company’s sales representatives during the research phase; 28% prefer to engage during the decision phase, and 8% at purchase.

More than half of marketers (57%) say 3-5 people are typically involved in marketing tech purchasing decisions at their company.

About the research: The report was based on data from a June 2015 survey of 313 marketers located in the United States.