Digital Ad Benchmarks by Channel and Device Type: 4Q14


by Ayaz Nanji

Mobile devices had the highest average click-through rate (CTR) across all digital ad channels in 4Q14, according to a recent report from Marin Software.

The report was based on data from the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, which looks at over $6 billion worth of spend on the Marin platform. The index consists primarily of enterprise-class marketers—larger advertisers and agencies that spend in excess of $1 million annually on paid search, display, social, and mobile.

Search ads had the highest average CTR in 4Q14, with social and display lagging sharply—in-line with how all three channels have performed historically—the analysis found.

Though the average CTR was lowest on desktops in 4Q14, the average conversion rate on desktops was much higher than that of mobile devices, indicating consumers remain more willing to complete purchases on desktop computers than on mobile devices.

Cost per click (CPC) in 4Q14 mirrored conversion rates, with desktops having the highest CPC across search, social, and display.