Brands Are Using Fewer Marketing Agencies


by Ayaz Nanji

Some 62% of brand marketers say they use two or more marketing agencies to support their business, a 13 percentage point decrease from 2009, when 75% said they used two or more agencies,according to a recent report from RSW/US.

The report was based on data from from a December 2014 survey of 123 senior level brand marketers and 158 marketing agency executives.

More than half (56%) of brand marketers surveyed say they have been consolidating the number of agencies they use recently, whereas 44% say they have been adding more specialty agencies.

Moreover, 63% of brand marketers say they expect the trend of consolidating the number of agencies used to continue over the next one to two years.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Agency Competition

Some 79% of agency marketers say the landscape is much more competitive today than three to four years ago; 68% of agency marketers said so in 2013.

Non-Digital Offerings

Some 84% of brand marketers say it is somewhat or very important for digital-only firms to do more than just digital to remain relevant.

Planned Marketing Investment

  • 51% of marketers say they will somewhat or heavily increase their spending on marketing and advertising in 2015.
  • 62% of agency marketers say their clients will somewhat or heavily increase marketing and advertising spend in 2015.