B2B Email Newsletter Advertising: Benchmarks and Trends


by Ayaz Nanji

Nearly one-third (31%) of companies that advertise in B2B email newsletters buy only email advertising, according to a recent report from MediaRadar.

Just over half (54%) of the advertisers in B2B email newsletters also buy in print, and slightly smaller proportion (47%) supplement their email newsletter campaigns with other digital buys.

The report was based on an analysis conducted between March 2013 and March 2014 of 2,905 B2B email newsletters and 19,915 advertisers.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Ad Types and Locations

  • 30% of the B2B email newsletters examined include only one ad space.
  • 18% include two advertisements, and another 18% have three ads.
  • 34% include four or more advertisements.

  • 57% of the newsletters examined display their advertisements above the typical page fold.
  • The percentage of ads above the fold varies by industry, with only 44% of agriculture newsletters including ads higher up compared with 64% of industrial newsletters.

Single vs. Multiple Advertisers

  • 38% of the email newsletters examined had a dedicated, single advertiser; this type of buy increased from the previous year.

  • The prevalence of single advertisers in email newsletters varies by B2B segment. In the auto category, for example, 28% of the email newsletters examined were dedicated to a single advertiser, whereas in the manufacturing vertical, 46% were dedicated.