How Datahouse Delivers Business Value

Where business, IT, and implementation are separate, we bring them together. Where others emphasize technology projects, we focus on transformational opportunities — client processes with the greatest potential value to customers and to stakeholders.

We’ve changed the traditional consulting model of serial engagements — business strategy consultants followed by IT strategy consultants followed by implementation strategy consultants, with never the same people. We provide vertical industry and process expertise with extensive experience in technologies that help drive innovation. Instead of simply handing off projects to our business applications, systems integration, and IT implementation counterparts, we are joined with them at an organizational level to seamlessly deliver end-to-end services.

The core element of our approach is the Value Realization Method (VRM), a management framework for maximizing the value return from major IT-enabled investments. Integrated into the fabric of our delivery model, VRM spans initial value discovery and buy-in, to establishing accountability — guiding solution designers, and providing client program managers with benefits tracking and reporting capabilities.