5 Ways to Create Marketing Magic


Jeanniey Mullen

When you don’t have a lot of time and can’t spend a lot of money, these five ways can help boost your marketing efforts.

Whether you work in publishing, advertising, technology, or any other industry, your company will only thrive if you successfully engage brand fans and create an army of loyal customers.

Creating loyal customers requires building credibility over time, and requires a sizable monetary investment in marketing, branding, and other forms of awareness-building efforts. However, in every company, there is a time when marketing dollars aren’t enough, and time is not an option. When those challenges occur, how can you build marketing magic? I’ve listed my five favorite ways.

1. Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Need to re-engage your user database, but don’t know how? Gauge the viability of the list by sending a quick survey out. For those people who complete it, give them a coupon or small gift card. You will be amazed at the response rates – oftentimes better than your last all-out marketing campaign.

2. Respond to 5 Individuals’ Social Posts per Day

This is one of my favorites because it’s so simple. Choose a social network and personally thank five people per day for liking, following, or commenting on your network. The viral buzz you will drive from this within one week will blow you away.

3. Post in Forums and Groups

Regardless of what your company does, there are forums and groups speaking about your product and service. Oftentimes, posting a message with your name, title, and contact information and offering to assist customers can drive such a compelling response that your sales will grow without even spending $1.

4. Enlist Customer Service

Your customer service team can often drive strong marketing results for you. Simply adding a footer into customer service emails can drive attention and response. Or, adding a nice statement on thank-you pages or at the end of a service phone call can also create interest in a new product or service.

5. Unanticipated Rewards

Politicians don’t shake hands and kiss babies for no reason. Face-to-face customer communication often makes a big difference in building customer loyalty. Add to that a few product giveaways and unanticipated rewards will delight your customers in ways they will talk about for years to come. I recently enjoyed this at the #SocialFreshWest Conference. It was done sincerely, but it created special memories that a few select fans will never forget.

Effective marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t forget these five tips listed above to help take your company to the next level.