2015 Social Media Benchmarks by Industry


by Ayaz Nanji
Businesses that post more often to social media do not necessarily generate more engagement per post, according to a recent report from HubSpot.

The report was based on HubSpot social media data for 7,000+ businesses in nine industries (real estate, healthcare, hardware, nonprofit/education, manufacturing, business/financial services, consumer goods/retail/e-commerce, marketing services, and software/technology).

There is no positive correlation with industries that publish more social media posts per week and interactions per post, the analysis found; in fact, there’s a very slight negative correlation.

Businesses in the two industries that post the least (consumer goods/retail/e-commerce and manufacturing) have two of the highest interaction per post averages, whereas companies in the industry that posts the most (real estate) have the lowest number of interactions per post on average.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Interactions per Post

Nonprofit/education organizations have the most interactions per social media post on average (42.47); real estate businesses have the fewest (0.45).

Social Following

Nonprofit/education organizations have the largest median social following (74K followers combined across all networks); manufacturing businesses have the smallest (14K).

Posts per Week

Real estate firms tend to publish most to social media (19.21 posts per week across all networks, on average); manufacturing businesses post the least (4 posts per week).

About the research: The report was based on HubSpot social media data for 7,000+ businesses in nine industries.